Plant Love


After losing a loved one, we oftentimes search for symbols of their life still around us. That is why there is something special about everyday but symbolic items. Whether it is a beautiful flower starting to bloom or a butterfly flying around, these special seeds from this thoughtfully curated gift box, that attract these symbolic items of grief feel special and intentional.

Kop-Op! our lovely partner, sells all the love in the world put together in beautiful seeds.
I have compiled this beautiful “attract the symbols of their life” box from some of her lovely items. The box I have compiled only has seeds and beans to GROW flowers, love and new life! Rest assured that this is a very thoughtful and heartfelt gift to give to someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one.

Plant Love and Let Love Grow

Weight 3,7 kg
Bag full of wishes

A sweet little cotton bag with everything you need to make wishes come true…

But what can you do with those beans? Very simple… Add water to the coconut earth tablet, and put the earth in a jar. Make a small hole in the soil and place the wishing bean on the soil. Give a little water every 3 days and after a week you will see that your wish is growing.

The best thing about this wish is that the text in the bean on the first bracts of the plant will remain: A present that you will please someone for a long time because the plant grows and grows …

Make sure the bean gets enough light so that it can grow well. The windowsill, for example, is a perfect spot.

100 moments of happiness

100 moments of happiness in a glass tube.
The test tube contains seed paper containing at least 100 small happy makers. The seeds of our flowers are guaranteed to ensure that you can enjoy this gift for a long time.

Place the paper inside in a jar or outside in the garden on the sand. Cover the growing paper with about 2 cm of soil. Water every day and after about a week the first plants will germinate. The best time to plant outdoors is from mid-May to October. Indoors in a jar can be done all year round. Always provide sufficient light, heat and water.

Seed, Grow & Eat

A kit to grow your own goodies
Write an old-fashioned message to the one you love.
Grow the edible flowers! They style your dinner with cheerfulness and give a colourful finishing touch.

Wooden Card Holder

Super handy, wooden holders to put cards and photos upright! These are made of strong spruce wood and ideal to place pictures in or beautiful cards.

Wood is a natural product, each piece of wood is different and unique. Structure and color differences between mutual parts are therefore unavoidable.

Size: 20×6