Anti Anxiety Bundle


Whenever you have worries that weight heavy on your heart, confide in this little doll or take out this beautiful worry stone and love and hope will start pouring into your heart and life again!
This anti anxiety bundle is specifically created for adults, teenagers and children with worries … Hold these two items close, take them with you wherever you go and tell the worry doll your hopes and fears at night, so you will wake up worry free the next morning!

Worrying can darken any day if you let it take over your mind. Until you learn to channel your thinking away from your worried thoughts, you’ll likely have trouble coping with the ups, downs, and concerns in your life.
To improve your situation, rubbing a worry stone can help you focus on the here and now and let your worries fade until you are able to properly address them.
Simply hold the stone between the index finger & thumb, gently moving back & forth across the stone.

Worry stones have been used throughout history in different parts of the world. The Ancient Greeks pulled them from the sea and used them for calming themselves. Indigenous peoples held them and passed them on from generation to generation. They were also used long ago in Tibet and Ireland, as well as in nearly every culture around the world.

There is a legend in the Guatemala high mountains about worry dolls. Whenever you are faced with a problem in your life, you can share it with your little worry doll. Before going to sleep, just tell your problem to the worry doll and place it under your pillow. While you sleep, this little worry doll will make your problem go away!

This pack is a very thoughtful gift to give to those going through a challenging time right now.
Gifting this thoughtful gift to a friend can show them your love and support as they are going through a rough time in their lives. They will surely feel loved by this thoughtful gift!!

* Selenite Worry Stone Heart Shaped: Selenite, the stone with angelic vibrations is becoming increasingly rare. Our fantastic selenite products from Morocco are of amazing beauty and are valued by many.

* Rose Quartz Worry Stone Heart Shaped: It is said that rose quartz acts on the heart chakra and promotes the ability to give and receive love.

* Phantom Amethyst Worry Stone Heart Shaped: Amethyst phantom means that there is a shadow like pattern other minerals in the crystal, so you will see subtle layers of different colours within the amethyst. Amethyst crystals have a spiritual quality to them and can be used to help individuals tap into higher levels of consciousness.

Please note; each heart is different and the selenite may contain imperfections. You are assured of a unique product.

This package includes ONE worry doll and ONE worry stone (of choice)

Will come beautifully wrapped, eco friendly, handmade gift.
A personal handwritten note can be added to this giftbox!

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