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If something is heaven-sent, it arrives or happens, usually unexpectedly, at the time when most useful. 

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How it all started...

Often I felt tense when I had to go to a funeral or talk to a friend who just lost a loved one….
How to act, what to say and what to bring as a token of compassion. Even the smallest question like “how are you doing” made me feel super self conscious.
So how could I express my sympathy in a way that was appropriate and heartfelt to someone who is grieving?
Bringing nothing or saying nothing wasn’t an option for me…. How could I help without being too much, say the wrong thing as I certainly did not want to make the situation worse.

All these internal questions led me to the idea of sending gifts that are meaningful and heartfelt, and surprise them when they would least expected it, like the meaning of Heaven Sent.
 A gift is a thoughtful gesture that can go a long way when trying to show your love and support for someone who is grieving the loss of a friend or family member. 

This led me to wanting to learn more about grief, mourning and bereavement, so I educated myself and obtained my post bachelor in Grief and Bereavement Counseling, which I graduated from in 2021.
I learned that there is no right or wrong way to grief but that everybody needs people in their lives to make the mourning process more bearable. People who mourn do not go through a certain process and are done after step 7, everybody mourns in their own way, there is no wrong or right.
BUT there is a way you CAN be there. 
Be heaven sent!

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I’m so glad you’re here! I offer thoughtfully curated gifts designed to brighten the heart after loss. If a friend or loved one has recently experienced loss, you can rest assured that my gifts will help nourish their hearts during a difficult time.

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