Mini Heart Shaped Glass Urn Necklace


✨ Mini Heart Shaped Glass Urn Necklace Filled with Gemstones and a Small Ashes Memorial Glass Urn for Scattering Ashes

The glass bottle with cork can be filled with a mixture of gemstone chips and your loved ones ashes, hair or other keepsakes.
When scattering your loved ones ashes you will always have a visual memory of where your loved ones ashes are. The sprinkled glitter will continue to shine and sparkle for all to know someone deeply loved rests there.
And to have a piece of them close to you, you can fill the necklace with the same mixture and keep your loved one close to your heart!
For some, scattering a loved one’s cremated ashes is an opportunity to celebrate their life and bid a final farewell.
For others, using ashes for a ritual, or some other form of keepsake, is a way of keeping a little piece of them close to the heart. May this ritual bring you comfort and help you commemorate a special life.

There are two items in this giftbox, the heart shaped glass necklace filled with gemstones and a glass bottle with cork top filled with the same gemstones. Ashes or lock of hair are to be added by you, no need to send me your ashes.

This necklace is for the safe keeping of ashes, a lock of hair or small keepsake item.
This Mini Urn can be kept discreetly with you, around your neck or planted in your garden or as a perfect memorial. The glass jar, also filled with gemstones can be scattered with the ashes so you’ll always have a visual memory of where your loved ones have been scattered.

A gorgeous urn bottle made of glass and is filled with 100% natural crystal stones. These beautiful necklace and glass and jar with cork top can be filled with Rose Quartz, Bornite, Pyrite and Amethyst.

Please select which gemstones you would like the jar and heart shaped necklace to be filled with.
** Do note that the heart shaped necklace and glass bottle won’t be filled to the top, else you could not add the ashes or small keepsakes **

Rose Quartz chips~ Rose quartz is one of the most loved stones. It is one of the stones of the great mother with a strong connection to the earth and the universe. She radiates abundance, gently heals trauma and teaches the true essence of love. This makes it extremely suitable for trauma processing or to give yourself some extra attention.

Bornite chips ~ It is a stone that makes you happy and helps to let go of negativity. Bornite is an effective protection stone against negative and harmful thoughts and allows you to enjoy life. Let yourself experience that life is happening now. Bornite is also a stone that awakens the inner child in you and strengthens your deep inner knowing. It is a strong insightful stone that helps you to see relevant matters.

Amethyst chips ~ The stone helps open up and increase spiritual abilities for those who have already discovered them. You can easily and safely make contact with higher energy with Amethyst. The powerful purple stone places a light field around its wearer (or a space) that protects, nourishes and heals.

Pyrite chips ~ Pyrite balances instinct with intuition, creativity and analysis. The beautiful gemstone is also an excellent energy shield. It blocks negative energy on every level. It also protects against pollutants, metals and infectious diseases. It also gives energy so that fatigue does not stand a chance. Great advantage of Pyrite is the power it gives its administrator. It gives confidence, self-awareness and perhaps even better the opportunity to look behind facades, to see the real intentions. It also promotes diplomacy.

Secure the top and cork of the necklace and bottle, you may wish to seal the opening with glue for additional security. Urns are filled by the buyer, you do not send your ashes to us.

Heart Shaped Necklace size: 4 x3 cm
Glass Jar size: 5,5 x 2,5 cm


Strict no returns Policy. Due to the nature of these products I WILL NOT process returns and re-stock the item for re-sale.

**Bare in mind before purchasing that imperfections maybe present in the crystal as it is a natural product, some stones and crystals may have hairline cracks, imperfections, knicks, scratches and blemishes. Inclusions may be seen, particularly in the rose quartz and amethyst, as all are natural beautiful and unique.
Some brown/orange marks may be visible, these are from the attachment to surrounding rock from where they were extracted from the ground.**

Rose Quartz is heat sensitive and may not have a continuous look, showing areas of streaks or cloudy patches within the stone. These are caused by internal cracks and a dense network of inclusions that align with the gem’s hexagonal crystal structure. Rose quartz is a brittle stone and tiny chips can be due to its structure.
Please do not shower or bath whilst wearing the necklace, as water can enter the heart shaped glass bottle.
Make sure to double check measurements and view all the photos before making a purchase.

If you have suffered a loss, we send our most sincere condolences.

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