Plantable Forget YOU Nots Seeds Card

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Plant a butterfly garden in memory of a loved one with these heartfelt Forget YOU Not paper A6 post cards!
These beautiful seed paper memorial cards are a lovely and thoughtful gesture to hand out at funerals so friends and family can grow a living memory of your loved one. These cards bring the perfect touch to an important day.

These cards can be personalised or you can let the recipient write a lovely note on them before planting them in honour of a treasured life. Let their words grow roots and those roots will turn into beautiful new life.

Some of my customers write love notes on them before planting as a ritual for commemorating their special lives…

~ Write a love note
~ Plant that love note
~ Watch that love note bloom into forget-you-not’s

There is something profound about digging our hands into this earth, planting seeds among the ageing dirt, and watching a cluster of forget you nots sprout and bloom in memory of a treasured life can be a magical experience!

* Handmade in Europe

* Recycled paper

* Acid free

* EU seeds

Personalize this card!
Please enter your message or the name and date in the personalisation box. You can also write down specific wording you would like to have added to these cards.

We would like to thank you for attending the funeral of (insert name)
You were very important in his/her life, he/she would have loved the thought of you planting this card in memory of his/her life.

Planting instructions are printed on the back of each card.

If you have additional questions or you would like to see a draft please email me at info@heavensent.nl

Will come beautifully wrapped, eco friendly, handmade gift.
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Forget you not

Plant these lovely blue forget-you-nots


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