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Angel in a box


Isn’t this the sweetest gift to give someone you love especially if you want to give them extra strength. Never alone again, always a guardian angel watching over you, giving you confidence when you need it. Life teaches us many lessons and that is not always easy. We wish that this sweet angel may accompany you on your life’s journey.
These beautiful angels come in a wooden box and can also be engraved with a personal note. Please know that there are extra costs for engraving.

According to many beliefs, angels are connected with a higher realm. Some call it Heaven, Our True Self, or God. Others know it as Source, Wisdom, or Universal Energy. Regardless of which belief, angels are said to help the people with unveiling hidden knowledge. In addition, they are seen as guides and protectors and as a symbol of unlimited love.

These carved Angels help us connect with our own guardian angel, who will guard and protect us in all we ask for.
Each Angel is carved from natural semi-precious stones and has its unique pattern and colour.

Options to choose from are:
~ Rose quartz
~ Aventurine
~ Lapis lazuli
~ Carnelian
Each angel is unique and hand crafted from natural stones.
They may differ in shape, size, and color from the images shown!

Rose quartz

Promotes gentleness and love and stimulates positive emotional interactions. Rose quartz teaches how to love oneself (again) as well as others.


Helps you to make your dreams come true. It stimulates decision making, enthusiastic effort and creativity.

Lapis lazuli

Is a deep blue stone with golden pyrite threads that was already long praised for its power by Egyptian priests, kings and warriors. The stone promotes authenticity, clear knowing, spiritual insight, inner calm and peace. Lapis lazuli facilitates sincere communication and healing, both physically and emotionally.


Is a powerful stone for those who want to increase their self-esteem and to convert creative ideas into actions. Transforms the habit of doubting into courage and decisiveness.