Ways to show your support

There is nothing to fix when it comes to grief and supporting those who are grieving. Because even if your friend might feel broken, those who grieve are not broken. They are not attempting to return to their previous lives. They are attempting to make sense of their new life. They’re not looking for their former selves. They’re learning to accept the person they’ve been forced to become.

Those who are bereaved require people who can embrace their pain and grief. Who are willing to be uneasy with them. People who are here for the journey rather than the destination. The highs and lows, as well as all of the unexpected places in between.
Learn what to say and how to comfort someone who has lost a loved one, as well as a list of thoughtful gifts to give a bereaved friend or family member.

Ways to Console Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One

When you’re thinking of ways how to console someone who has lost a loved one, you may want to consider giving a meaningful gift. Sympathy gifts can sometimes express how you feel far better than words ever will. The gift of giving will be remembered long after the initial crisis is over.  A list of gift suggestions with links:

Personalised Memory Keepsakes Box

Losing your health, relationship or loved one is one of the most devastating things a human can go through, with this memory box my aim is to provide a place where special items can be stored to keep the memory of your past live, loved one and all the memories in between alive and to remind you that the memories will always remain. 
For whatever you put in this keepsake box, please remember to keep revisiting it and not forget about all the treasures you have put inside.

Wishing beans and plantable memory cards

Instead of flowers, consider sending wishing beans or plantable seed cards to plant their own flowers or plants. Planting a butterfly garden in memory of a loved one can be a great way of honouring someone special. I have compiled a PLANT LOVE and GROW LOVE BOX. This box only has seeds and beans to GROW flowers, love and new life! Rest assured that this is a very thoughtful and heartfelt gift to give to someone in need of a thoughtful pick me up.

Journal and Book

Books on dealing with grief and loss of a life you once known: There are many beautiful books written about the subject.
"It’s okay that you’re not okay" from Megan Devine is a really good read! She offers anecdotes and provides steps that you can take as you work through your own grief.
Journals make an excellent gift for someone who is going through a rough time. Writing down your own feelings and experiences can be really healing and can help you get through a difficult time.

Taking care of your body

Grief is sneaky and can hit you like a ton of bricks. Taking some time to calm the mind, soothe the body and care for your soul, could be the very thing to help relieve some of the stresses of grief. It is really important to take time to care for your body and soul after you have lost a loved one, are going through a divorce or when you have lost your health for example. It can be healing and helpful to care for your body during times of grief and loss of a life once known.
This thoughtfully curated gift box helps take care of the soul after loss. Send a little self-care to your friend to let them know they are seen, loved and adored. 
This box is a curated gift box that is filled with self care items to help restore a depleted body after loss.


If you are looking for an original and personalised home altar gift where you can burn a candle and add a photo or card, opt for this card holder with its charming golden leaf dish which can hold a candle or other special items.
Sit with the comfort of the candles’ glow and honour the light of those you have loved and lost. Memory candles are a lovely way to keep the memory of someone close to you alive.


A therapist once told me how important photos are for our well being, as photos can transport you back in time in a second. Images of celebrations, activities, friends, and family all work together to transport the mind away from the current struggle and into a time when things were different. Photos can transport us out of the now, into the past, then influence our present.
You can select photos of your special person and put them in a book or in a personalised memory box so their loved ones can keep revisiting the pictures and store them, amongst other items, in the memory box. You will most likely be adding pictures that the relatives do not have which will add to this special personalised gift! You could also ask different relatives, friends and acquaintances to bring pictures to the funeral and put them in the memory box so their loved ones can look back on these special photos and moments of their lives once lives together whenever they want to.

Be that friend who cares!

Remember, the worst thing you can do is not saying or doing anything at all! As long as you speak from your heart, whatever you do or write down in a text or on a card is sure to offer comfort to your friend during the hardship that they are facing. As long as you speak from the heart, you cannot go wrong.