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This is ‘the’ perfect gift for anyone special in your life!
Tell your special someone that you love them and are thinking of them with this personalized keychains. Tell them you are there for them and give them this daily reminder.

All keychains displayed can be customised or made to order. You can personalize these custom keychains with your own special short message, name or title. Please note that the smaller stamps can hold less characters.

The ones I have ready to be shipped are:

” Let’s meet in my dreams tonight” ~ Round either leather or metal 3cm
” I carry your heart” ~ Both on either metal or leather 3cm
” I miss you” ~ Metal Oval 2,5 cm
” I love you” ~ Metal Oval 2,5 cm
” I carry your heart” Metal Oval 2,5 cm
” Beautiful you” Metal Oval 2,5 cm
” Till we meet again” Metal Oval 2,5 cm
” Favorite Father” Leather Star 4,5 cm
” Favorite Mother” Leather star 4,5 cm
” Favorite Person” Leather Star 4,5 cm


~ Round metal is 3 cm
~ Round leather is 3,5 cm
~ Oval is 2 cm by 2,5 cm
~ Leather Star is 4,5 cm

All keychains are personalized with hand stamping. Each letter is carefully hammered into the metal or leather – one by one.  The spacing and depth of the letters may vary – since they are not stamped by a machine.
These differences make every item unique, custom and one of a kind.

Looking for a custom piece or color?
Contact me today to discuss the details for your perfect personalized keychain.

Metal round

3.5 cm can hold up to 3 lines
Around 14 charaters

Leather star

Can hold two lines and is 4,5 cm wide
Amount of characters is about 14

Leather round

3,5 cm 3 lines
Can hold around 14 characters

Metal Oval

2,5 cm can hold 3 lines
Around 10 – 14 characters