In Loving Memory


Losing a loved one is one of the most devastating things a human can go through, with this memory box my aim is to provide a place where special items can be stored to keep the memory of your loved one alive and to remind you that they are always there.
For whatever you put in keepsake box, please remember to keep revisiting it and not forget about all the treasures you have put inside.

This thoughtfully curated gift box includes

A engraved wooden keepsakes box (please select dimension before adding to your cart)

Floral sage ~ to clear away negative energy. Use the floral sage with the abalone shell. Put some sand inside the shell so you can put it out in a safe way.

There is also a card and holder inside the memory box. The card contains over 100 ‘forget me not seeds’ you can plant these in loving memory of a loved one. Or you can put in inside the cardholder and place it on your altar or any other special place.

This is a very thoughtful and unique gift to give!

~ Engraved with a pre- engraved message (in loving memory) or a personal wish.
~ Metal gold clasp and hinged lid
~ Material: Paulownia Wood

Large ~ 13,5 x 9 x 5,5 centimeters
Extra Large. ~ 23 x 17 x 10 centimeters

1. To personalise your box, please leave the name or text you would like in the personalisation box. I have added some suggestions in the picture section of this listing. Please add the number you like and your message will look like the image. Note that small boxes can hold less characters 😉

2. I create and engrave all boxes myself, so if you have any special requirements or requests please get in touch. I am very flexible with the engraving and can add or change most things.

3. I will always send you a message with the example text before I start engraving. Please check your inbox for a message from me 🙂

Please double check your spelling before you submit the order.
Send me an email if you have a special or custom request!



Weight 1,8 kg
Wooden Memory Box

With a memory box, give a home to all those treasured possessions you can’t bear to part with. Like those cinema tickets from your very first date or that birthday card from Grandma that made you swell up so much…

Floral Sage

White Sage & Eucalyptus & Verbascum Smudge 12cm
White sage is a strong cleanser. It opens the heart energy. Sage is used in Native American ceremonies because of its purifying power in cleansing the aura and the environment. It removes heavy energies. Burning sage are also provided, mind and soul clean. Open a window when staining indoors so that the energy can flow away. Sage stimulates visions and dreams. The leaves of the white sage are known for their unique fragrance.


Eucalyptus is used in smudging to protect, promote health and provide energy for cleansing. Eucalyptus is recognized as one of the first herbal healers in the world. It promotes emotional balance, is considered a stimulant and removes exhaustion and mental sluggishness, enhances concentration, stimulates blood flow and can stimulate visions while awakening the mind.


Mullein (Verbascum) is a genus in the figwort family ( Scrophulariaceae ).
The genus has about 250 species, which occur naturally in Europe and Asia. The genus is particularly represented in the Mediterranean region. The flowers of the plant were used to promote coughing for respiratory problems.

Abalone Shell

The Abalone shell is a natural product, which means that one shell is slightly larger than the other. There are small natural holes in it, which provide an excellent air supply. The shell is brightly colored with a beautiful pearly shine. The shell takes thousands of years to become a beautiful mother-of-pearl shell.

White sage is usually roasted in an abalone shell. Abalone shells are used for burning sage smudge sticks.

Sage is roasted in an Abalone shell to complete the four elements:

shell = water
lighting = fire
smoke = air
herbs = soil

BLOOM | I forget you nots

We from Kop op! think it is important to pay attention to each other. Write an old-fashioned message to the one you love. When you do that on our BLOEI cards, you give a double gift! Place the card under a layer of soil, and after a few days, some water and love, the first flower heads will appear above the soil.

Did you know that our -BLOEI- cards provide double pleasure? 1: a beautiful smile with the recipient and 2: a happy bzzzzzzzz with the bees who love our flowers!
Handmade 200 grams seed paper – mix of happy bee flower seeds – luxury transparent envelope – instructions for use.