Hundred Moments of Happiness


100 moments of happiness in a glass tube. Which happy flower are you going for?
The cheerful field flowers or the humble forget-me-not.
In the test tube contains seed paper at least 100 moments of happiness. The seeds will bring you joy and happiness for a long time as we only have used the best seeds in the business.

How it works;
Place the paper inside in a jar or outside in the garden on the sand. Cover the growing paper with about 2 cm of soil. Water every day and after about a week the first plants will germinate. The best time to plant outdoors is from mid-May to October. Indoors in a jar can be done all year round. Always provide sufficient light, heat and water.

Forget you not

Plant these lovely blue forget-you-nots

Field Flowers

Attract the bees nd butterflies to your garden, these lovely bunch of flowers will make you smile, guaranteed ;)